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Middleby Marshall Electrical Parts

Blower Switch Kit Blower Switch Kit------ For Models PS536 MM #46522 -
O'Mordha 059801-- Price Per Switch = US$89.22

Push Switch Push Switch ------ 1/2" x 1 1/2" Mount Hole - 10A -- 125, 250 or 277V -- 3/16" Tabs For Models PS200/224/220FS, PS200-R68, PS300/350, PS310/360/360WB MM #28021-0047 -
O'Mordha 059802-- Price Per Switch = US$15.80

Switch Kit Switch Kit ------For Models MM #46521 -
O'Mordha 059803-- Price Per Switch = US$63.12

Temperature Controller Temperature Controller ------For Models PS200/224/220FS, PS200-R68, PS250/JS250, PS 300/350, PS310/360/360WB -- MM #42810-0138 -
O'Mordha 059804-- Price Per Controller = US$1311.43

Time Delay Fuse Time Delay Fuse FNM9 ------For Models MM #28154-0003 -
O'Mordha 059805-- Price Per Fuse = US$17.80

Time Delay Fuse Time Delay Fuse FNM15 ------For Models MM #281500048 -
O'Mordha 059806-- Price Per Fuse = US$18.03

Thermocouple Thermocouple ------For Models PS200/224/220FS, PS310/360WB, PS360EWB, MM #33985 -
O'Mordha 059807-- Price Per Thermocouple = US$125.58

Thermocouple Thermocouple ------ Type J --For Models PS250/JS250, PS300/350, PS570, PS3600-4, PS3600T-2, MM Ref #33984 -
O'Mordha 059808-- Price Per Thermocouple = US$121.00

Ignition Control Board Ignition Control Board ------For Models PS200/224/220FS, PS200-R68, PS250/JS250, PS310/360/360EB, PS570 --- MM #42810-0114 -
O'Mordha 059809-- Price Per Board = US$253.75

Orifice Only--Nat Orifice Only - NAT ------For USE With Pilot Igniter Assy--- MM #22174-0010 -
O'Mordha 059810-- Price Per Orifice = US$13.70

Pilot Igniter Assy Pilot Igniter Assy LP/NAT------For Models F393 Control Board--- MM #42810-0117 -
O'Mordha 059811-- Price Per Igniter = US$100.24

Thermal Relay Thermal Relay------For Models PS200/224/220FS, PS200-R68, PS250/JS250, PS310/360/360EB, PS570 --- MM #36510 -
O'Mordha 059812-- Price Per Relay = US$150.67

Combination Gas Valve Combination Gas Valve------24V 1/2" --For Models PS200/224/220FS, PS200-R68, PS310/360/360WB, --- MM #428100121 -
O'Mordha 059813-- Price Per Gas Valve = US$280.84

Gas Solenoid Valve Gas Solenoid Valve ------120v - 1/2FPT -- For Models PS200/224/220FS, PS200-R68, PS250/JS250, PS300/350, PS310/360/360WB, PS570 --- MM #28091-0017-
O'Mordha 059814-- Price Per Valve = US$111.97

Ignition Wire Ignition Wire 35" ------ For use with Ignition Control Board --- MM #27159-0019-
O'Mordha 059815-- Price Per Wire= US$51.17

Cooling Fan Cooling Fan 115V ------ For models PS250//JS250, PS300/350,PS310/360/360WB --- MM #27392-0002-
O'Mordha 059816-- Price Per Fan = US$65.02

Cooling Fan Cooling Fan 230V ------ For models PS536, PS555 --- MM #97525-
O'Mordha 059817-- Price Per Fan = US$92.86

Motor Motor, Blower------ 115/200-230V, 1/3HP, 1P for models PS300, PS350, PS310/360/360WB--- MM #27381-0023-
O'Mordha 059818 -- Price Per Motor = US461.44

Burner Motor Motor, Burner,------ burner fan 115V for models PS200/224/220FS, PS200-R68, PS300/350, PS310/360/360WB, PS570--- MM #27170-0011-
O'Mordha 059819 -- Price Per Motor = US$241.11

Blower Wheel Blower Wheel ------ 9-1/8" DIA X 4-1/8" WIDE 5/8" HOLE for M262 motor is C.W. from back of blower wheel --- MM #22523-0002-
O'Mordha 059820 -- Price Per Blower Wheel = US$316.24

Blower Wheel Blower Wheel ------ 9-1/8" DIA X 4-1/8" WIDE 5/8" HOLE for M262 motor is C.C.W. from back of blower wheel --- MM #22523-0003-
O'Mordha 059821 -- Price Per Blower Wheel= US$320.88

Adapter Drive Shaft Adapter ------ for models PS200/224/220FS,PS200-R68,PS310/360,PS360EWB,PS360WB70,PS570--- MM #35000-1013-
O'Mordha 059822 -- Price Per Adapter = US$54.90

Speed control Control Kit, Conveyor Speed ------ for models JS350-1, PS220FS-R68, PS224-R68, PS250, PS300, PS310, PS350, PS360, 360S --- MM Ref #60542-
O'Mordha 059823 -- Price Per Speed control = US$614.13

Motor Brush Motor Brush ------ (set of 2) for model M260 Motor --- MM #22450-0052
O'Mordha 059824 -- Price Per Motor Brush = US$68.39

Shaft Bushing Bronze Shaft Bushing Bronze ------ .75" OD X .62" ID X 1" OD for models PS200/224/200FS, PS200-R68, PS310/360, PS360EWB, PS360WB70, PS570--- MM #22034-0003
O'Mordha 059825 -- Price Per Shaft Bushing = US$6.65

Shaft Collar Shaft Collar------ 5/8" ID for models PS300,PS536,PS555,PS314SBI,PS360EBW--- MM #T22011-0013
O'Mordha 059826 -- Price Per Shaft Collar = US$23.13

Gasket Door Gasket------ this is sold by the foot - straight lenght --- MM #22420-0005
O'Mordha 059827 -- Price Per Gasket = US$20.47

Gasket Door Gasket---
O'Mordha 059844 -- Price Per Gasket = US$60.46

Motor Motor------ drive 90 DCV for models PS300/350,310/360/360WB,PS360EWB,PS360WB70,PS570--- MM #47796
O'Mordha 059828 -- Price Per Motor = US$939.40

Speed Control Pickup Speed Control Pickup------ for models PS200/224/220FS,PS200-R68,PS300/350,PS310/360/360WB,PS360EWB,PS360WB70,PS570--- MM #46451
O'Mordha 059829 -- Price Per Speed Control Pickup = US$239.30

Drive Shaft Drive Shaft------ 32-7/8" Long X 3/4" DIA for models PS200,PS220,PS224 --- MM #35000-1012
O'Mordha 059830 -- Price Per Drive Shaft = US$194.15

Spacer Nylon Spacer------ 1-1/4" OD X 3/4" ID for models PS200/224/220FS, PS200-R68, PS310/360, PS360EWB, PS360WB70, PS570 --- MM #35000-1080
O'Mordha 059831 -- Price Per Spacer = US$5.99

Sprocket Sprocket------ 10 tooth, 5/8" Hole for models PS200, PS360--- MM #22151-0002
O'Mordha 059832 -- Price Per Sprocker = US$51.67

Sprocket Drive Sprocket------ 9 tooth, 5/8" Bore for models PS200/224/220FS, PS200-R68, PS310/360, PS360EWB, PS360WB70, PS570--- MM #42400-0309S
O'Mordha 059833 -- Price Per Sprocket= US$63.21

Middleby Marshall Contactor Contactor -3P 30/40A 208/240V- -Middleby Marshall Ref #3024A8704, 3024A8706, A14608, A24203, A24230-
O'Mordha 051834 ---Price Per Contactor = US$40.64

Middleby Marshall Fuse Holder Fuse Holder - - -Middleby Marshall Ref #1455A8791, M0158-
O'Mordha 051855 ---Price Per Fuse Holder = US$20.72

Middleby Digital Temp Controller Digital Temperature Controller - - -Middleby Marshall Ref #47321 - (old numbers 36939, 58504)
O'Mordha 059834 ---Price Per Controller = US$1311.33

Middleby Marshall Range Parts

Middleby Marshall 9inch Element 9" Heat Element Assy ---Solid Top Surface Unit- 240 volts- 2600Watts --- "FRENCH PLATE" --- 9.25" DIA. ---FITS 8-3/4" HOLE --- TERMINALS 4EA PIN W/SCREW, BOTTOM HAS CENTERED MOUNTING STUD 1/4-20 THREADSAND OFFSET PIN.Middleby Marshall Ref #1132B8703 -
O'Mordha 080124 --- Price Per Heat Element = US$204.08

Middleby Marshal /Blodgett Conveyor Ovens, SG3240, MT2136, MT3240, MT3255 and other Models

Blodgett Air Pressure Switch Air Pressure Switch --- Air Pressure Switch for Conveyor Oven SG3240 Blodgett#M50075 -- Spec Order please allow 10-14 days after payment to ship - Please confirm price and lead time before ordering
O'Mordha 032068 ---Price Per Switch = US$264.98

Blodgett Pilot Orifice LP Orifice, Pilot, Baso --- LP PILOT ORIFICE, 1/4"CCT X .025", BRAND BASO, ref Only Part Numbers: BLODGETT M2690 , BASO Y90AA-7225C, MIDDLEBY MARSHALL M2690 ---For use on Ref: BLODGETT/MIDDLEBY MARSHALL AC500, MT2136G, MT3255, MT3855G,MT3870
O'Mordha 130129 ---Price Per Orifice = US$15.30

Flame Sensor Probe Flame Sensor Probe --- FLAME SENSOR PROBE, 1-3/8" PROBE,1/4" TAB TERMINAL 90 DEGREE. Use on Ref: BLODGETT OVEN MG32S, MG3270, MT2136G, MT3255, MT3855G, MT3870 --- LINCOLN OVEN SERIES 1000 (EXCEPT 1030) 1200 --- MIDDLEBY MARSHALL OVEN PS300, PS350.
O'Mordha 032103 ---Price Per Probe = US$27.67

Link to Manufacture part numbers and pictures of parts for Model SG3240 Blodgett Parts List Model SG3240

It is in PDF format .

Middleby Marshall Thermostat Middleby Marshall Thermostat
--- THERMOSTAT, TYPE- KNP - TEMP 250-850F - BULB 5/32" X 9" , CAP 48" - MOUNT - POSITIVE OFF.
-- For ref only: Will fit these units, SOUTHBEND RA36C1W, RA36C7W , TOASTMASTER RANGE 36" ALL PURPOSE RANGE W/12" X 24" GRILL: 20A2-(C,M,R), 20B2-(C,M,R). 12" ALL PURPOSE RANGE: 20XA2-(C,M).-- SUPER "T" HEAVY DUTY RANGE: RA36D(1,2), RA36C1 & 2, D1 & 2, M1 & 2. Will replace these OEM part numbers (ref only): MIDDLEBY MARSHALL 3004281 -- SOUTHBEND 3004281 -- STAR MFG 2T-3004281 -- MIDDLEBY MARSHALL 20A2S39 -- TOASTMASTER 20A2S39 -- TOASTMASTER 3004281
O'Mordha 056355 ---Price Per Thermostat = US$117.39

Flat rate shipping, (Does not apply to Animal Feed)

UPS Ground (Domestic) (up to 30 lbs Box):
$.01 to $45.00 = $10.00
$45.01 to $100.00 = $11.00
$100.01 to $200.00 = $12.00
$200.01 to $300.00 = $13.00
$300.01 up = $16.00
Shipments over 30 lbs, Air Shipments, International Shipments and Motor Freight , please call for shipping cost

US Mail Priority (Domestic) (up to 6 Lbs/Box) :
$.01 to $45.00 = $10.00
$45.01 to $100.00 = $11.00
$100.01 to $200.00 = $12.00
$200.01 to $300.00 = $13.00
$300.01 up = $16.00
Shipments over 6 lbs, Air Shipments, International Shipments and Motor Freight , please call for shipping cost

We specialize in hard to find parts, for out of business companies such as , Coldtech Refrigerator and Freezers, Jimex Refrigerator and Freezers, Ascend Refrigerator and Freezers, Franklin Chef Oven (commercial) , Glenco Refrigerator and Freezers, Star Metal Refrigerator and Freezers, Raetone Refrigerator and Freezers, Stanley Knight Refrigerator and Freezers and Warming - Steam Tables, Merco Food Warmers, Savory Toasters, Fab-X Metals Equipment, Elliott Williams Walk In Refrigerators and Freezers, Seco Steam Tables and Warmers, and others, please give us a call if you are having trouble finding the parts you need. Not sure of the parts name , send us a picture and we will help ID the part you need.
We handle Refrigeration, Gas, Electric, and Hardware Parts for any Foodservice Application and supplies for your Home, Farm or Ranch.

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Serving Rocky Mount , NC 27804, Nashville, NC 27856, Whitakers, NC 27891 , Battleboro, NC 27809, Halifax, NC 27839, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870, Enfield, NC 27823, Hollister, NC 27844, Castalia, NC 27816, Aventon, NC, Red Oak, NC 27868, Sharpsburg, NC 27878, Tarboro, NC 27886, Warrenton, NC 27589, Garysburg, NC 27831, Elm City, NC 27822, Gaston, NC 27832, Littleton, NC 27850, Leggit, NC, Louisburg, NC 27549, Spring Hope, NC 27882, Emporia, Va 23847, Franklin, Va. 23851, Suffolk, Va. 23435, Drewryville, Va 23844, Skippers, Va 23879, Branchville, Va 23828, Valentines, Va 23887, Nash County, Edgecombe County, Halifax County, Wilson County, Franklin County, Eastern North Carolina and Southern Virginia, Greenville County, Va., Mecklenburg County, Va. , Halifax County, Va. Brunswick County, Va.

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