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Garden Vegetables

Tomato Plants, Beefsteak, Rutgers, Roma

 Roma Tomato Plant Roma Tomato Plant
Great for canning, 8 oz cup
O'Mordha 800016 --- Price per Plant = US$0.75

Beefsteak Tomato Plant Beefsteak Tomato Plant
Beefsteak, delicious, flavorful, meaty fruits have smooth shoulders, 8 oz cup
Beefsteak Tomato Plant, 8 oz cup, ready for transplant around 3-15-18
O'Mordha 800017 --- Price per Plant = US$0.75

 Rutgers Tomato Plant Rutgers Tomato Plant
Rutgers Tomato Plant, 8 oz cup
O'Mordha 800039 --- Price per Plant = US$0.75

 Sweet Banana Pepper Plant Sweet Banana Pepper Plant
Sweet Banana Pepper Plant, 8 oz cup
O'Mordha 800034 --- Price per Plant = US$0.75

 Bell Pepper Plant Bell Pepper Plant
Bell Pepper Plant, 8 oz cup, Orange / Green
O'Mordha 800028 --- Price per Plant = US$0.75

Fruit Trees, Apple, Peach, Pear, Plum, Fig and more

Golden Delicious Apple Tree Golden Delicious Apple Tree
Golden Delicious Apple Tree, 2' to 3' Tall, 3 Gallon Container, Golden Delicious apple is one of the most widely planted varieties in the world, which speaks for its high quality. It is a large all purpose apple that has beautiful golden skin with crisp, delicious flesh. Golden Delicious is a good pollinator for most other apple varieties and it ripens from September to October. The Golden Delicious needs 600 to 700 chill hours, and also needs a Pollinizer. Grows in zones: 4 - 8.
O'Mordha 800005 --- Price per Tree = US$15.49

RED Delicious Apple Tree RED Delicious Apple Tree
RED Delicious Apple Tree , 2' to 3' Tall, 3 Gallon Container, The Dietrich strain of Red Delicious is claimed to have the best taste of the Red Delicious strains. This large, crisp and juicy apple has waxy red skin with pure white flesh. Its distinctive, delicious flavor makes it a best seller at world-wide markets. The Red Delicious apple bears more heavily when pollinized with a Golden Delicious. They will ripen together from September to October, making an attractive red and gold Fall garden display. The Red Delicious requires 900 Chill Hours and is semi-self fertile. Grows in zones: 4 - 8.
O'Mordha 800006 --- Price per Tree = US$15.49

Granny Smith Apple Tree Granny Smith Apple Tree
Granny Smith Apple Tree, 2' to 3' Tall, 3 Gallon Container, The Granny Smith apple is considered the best pie apple in the world. The skin is an attractive bright green color, which is retained long after harvest. This is a firm, sweet/tart apple that is good for eating, cooking, and sauce. Granny Smith is a good choice for both hot or cold climates. It ripens August to September. The Granny Smith apple requires 400 chill hours and is self-fertile. Grows in zones: 4 - 8.
O'Mordha 800008 --- Price per Tree = US$15.49

Elberta Peach Tree Elberta Peach Tree
Elberta Peach Tree , 2' to 3' Tall, 3 galon Container, The Elberta is the most sought after and popular peach in America. Pick your large, juicy, sweet Elberta peaches from your home orchard in late July. Requires 800 chill hours. Grows in zones: 5 - 8.
O'Mordha 800009 --- Price per Peach Tree = Out of Stock

American Red Plum Tree American Red Plum Tree
American Red Plum Tree 1' Tall, 3 Gallon Container,American Red Plum. Golf Ball size plum very sweet and turns brite red when ready. The trees grow 12-15 feet tall, are self fertile, and require 300-400 chill hours. Zones 4-9 In Stock
O'Mordha 800052 --- Price per Plum Tree = US$9.99

Rainier Cherry Tree Rainier Cherry Tree
Rainier Cherries are a mid season producer that requires 900 chill hours to produce fruit (5 weeks of temperatures at or below 45 degrees F.) This cherry must be cross pollinated with another cherry to produce fruit, the Black Tartarian is the recommended pollinator. The Ranier Cherry tree is a crosss between Bing and Van cherries, and the premium fruit flowers in April and forms creamy arranged fruit in July. Zones 4-7
O'Mordha 800048 --- Price per Rainier Cherry Tree = US$25.99

House Plants

Aloe Vera Plant Aloe Vera Plant
Aloe Vera , any size container
O'Mordha 800018 --- Price per Plant = 1.99

Purple Shamrock Plant Purple Shamrock Plant
Purple Shamrock , 1 or 2 quart container
O'Mordha 800053 --- Price per Plant = 1.99

Christmas Catus Plant Christmas Catus Plant
Christmas Catus , any size container
O'Mordha 800044 --- Price per Plant = 1.99

Flowering Trees, Trees

Hibiscus Tree Hibiscus Tree
Hibiscus Tree - 3 gal Container
O'Mordha 800026 --- Price per Tree = US$19.49

Crepe Myrtle Tree Crepe Myrtle Tree
Crepe Myrtle Tree - 2 gal Container - various colors avaliable
O'Mordha 800036 --- Price per Tree = US$12.99

Red Maple Red Maple, Japanese
2-Gallon Red Japanese Maple , Small rounded deciduous tree , Red-purple leaves fade to green, Lovely foliage , 2ft to 4 ft tall
O'Mordha 800045 --- Price per Plant = US$17.99

Flowering Shrubs

Spirea Schrub White Spirea
Spirea , White , 3 to 4 foot tall
O'Mordha 800031 --- Price per Plant = US$11.99

Azalea Bush Azalea Bush
Pink Blooms Med size bush, 2 to 3 ft tall, 2 or 3 gallon container, Red Blooms Tall size bush 3 ft tall, 3 gallon conatiner, Small Size Bush, 1 to 2 ft Tall, all sizes and colors same price.
O'Mordha 800054 --- Price per Plant = US$8.99

This is a planting guide from North Carolina State University ; Planting Guide

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$300.01 up = $16.00
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$45.01 to $100.00 = $11.00
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$200.01 to $300.00 = $14.00
$300.01 up = $16.00
Shipments over 6 lbs, Air Shipments, International Shipments and Motor Freight , please call for shipping cost

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