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Equipment and Supplies for your Back Yard Chickens, Farming, Livestock, and Gardening

Save-a-Chick Save-A Chick
Save-A Chick, 1/4 oz Pk. size, 3 pkg / box , Electrolyte and vitamin supplement for all domestic poultry and waterfowl. Electrolytes help prevent dehydration, promote proper blood pH, normal nerve and muscle function, and overall health. Each convenient oz packet mixes into 1 gallon of drinking water. NO MEASURING REQUIRED!
BYFS 623709 --- Price Per Box = US$3.22

VetRX Vet RX
Vet RX, 2 oz , VetRx Poultry Remedy , For use in chickens, bantams, ducks and game birds. A few drops every few weeks can help relieve colds, croup, scaly legs and eye worms. Use also as a conditioner
BYFS 623710 --- Price Per Vet RX Bottle = US$9.40


Hanging Feeder Hanging Feeder
Hanging Feeder, Made of durable plastic. A specially designed base prevents chickens from scratching out feed. Has an open top to allow for quick filling of feed
BYFS 623104 --- Price Per Feeder = US$15.99


Watering Nipples Watering Nipples
Watering Nipples , Poultry Watering Nipples waters your poultry and birds while keeping your litter dry. Create your own hygienic waterer from plastic containers or PVC pipe with these (4) Screw In Style Nipples
BYFS 623103 --- Price Per 4pack = US$5.29

Waterer, 1 gallon 1 gallon Waterer
Little Giant Bright Colors Poultry Waterer Set, Gallon size. Base Colors: Purple, Green or Yellow.
BYFS 623105 --- Price Per waterer = US$6.95

Waterer, 1 quart 1 quart Jar
Quart Jar (M3P4) can be used as waterer or feeder with a base. Works with item codes 1072 (Galvanized Waterer Base) or M3P5 (see below) as a waterer, or M3FA (Plastic Feeder Base) as a feeder.
BYFS 623108 --- Price Per 1 quart jar = US$2.29

Waterer, 1 quart Base, 1 quart Jar
Base for 1 quart jar,
BYFS 623109 --- Price Per 1 quart base = US$2.00

Nest Eggs

Wooden Nest Eggs Wooden Nest Egg
Wooden Nest Egg, sold by each , Size of a Large Hen Egg , Snakes will swallow , causes problem getting back out of Chicken netting , (Free Range) Hens will find a new nest if she goes baack to her nest and the egg is always gone, she thinks that something is getting them, how ever they can not count :), if you put a wooden egg in the nest and leave it , she will not feel a threat and keep using the nest.
BYFS 060100 --- Price Per Egg = US$1.80

Worming for Chickens

Using Apple Cider Vinegar for worming chickens , this link will carry you to a good arcticle on using Apple Cider Vinegar : Apple Cider Vinegar

O'Mordha Back Yard Farm Supply is a Dealer for Mid-South Feeds, Alma, Ga 31510 and Coker Feed Mill, Goldsboro, NC 27534

Operating Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 to 5:00 --Saturday 8:30 to 2:00, Phone 252-443-6451

Serving Rocky Mount , NC 27804, Nashville, NC 27856, Whitakers, NC 27891 , Battleboro, NC 27809, Halifax, NC 27839, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870, Enfield, NC 27823, Hollister, NC 27844, Castalia, NC 27816, Aventon, NC, Red Oak, NC 27868, Sharpsburg, NC 27878, Tarboro, NC 27886, Warrenton, NC 27589, Garysburg, NC 27831, Elm City, NC 27822, Gaston, NC 27832, Littleton, NC 27850, Leggit, NC, Louisburg, NC 27549, Spring Hope, NC 27882, Emporia, Va 23847, Franklin, Va. 23851, Suffolk, Va. 23435, Drewryville, Va 23844, Skippers, Va 23879, Branchville, Va 23828, Valentines, Va 23887, Nash County, Edgecombe County, Halifax County, Wilson County, Franklin County, Eastern North Carolina and Southern Virginia, Greenville County, Va., Mecklenburg County, Va. , Halifax County, Va. Brunswick County, Va.

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